The primary storyline starts in the current day with Zoe, a twenty something aspiring artist, who is a very gifted guitarist and singer, at a turning point in her life and career. A journey to her grandmother’s funeral takes her from London to the infamous Jersey shore and her mother’s childhood home.  Once there, Zoe uncovers a trail to a hidden past that relates to the younger sister of her mother she was never told about.  As the storyline unravels, Zoe comes face to face with current day Paul, who senses that she maybe more than the niece to her mother’s dead sister.

A semi-autobiographical, but for the most part fictional secondary storyline follows the journey of present day Paul, the one time tormented leader of the band “Destiny”, a band that was a local phenomenon on the Jersey shore until the Summer of 1984.  Irony lines the path to Paul’s true destiny that begins during the summer of the tragic accident that sealed the fate of his band and ends in the present day when Paul meets Zoe, who re-opens a door to his musical past.  Vintage music compliments a soundtrack of original music that captures the essence of this timeless era, when guitar Gods ruled the mainstream world of Rock’n’Roll.


The younger role of Paul, portrays a compelling performer at the cusp of his success, who is the creative force fronting the band “Destiny”.  His love for Nicole is rivaled by his compassion for his band mates and their music and all are put to the ultimate test of commitment and sacrifice during this roller coaster ride of emotions.  The forgotten heart and soul of Rock’n’Roll is resurrected in the memories from Paul’s past that are triggered after meeting and befriending Zoe.   In a twist of fate, Paul helps Zoe get her life back on the same tracks that he walked away from so many years ago.

Another demanding role is Nicole, Paul’s self destructive ex-girlfriend, who pulls us to the edge of our seats as she swings from good time’s highs to all time lows, while thoroughly testing her limits.  Her faith in Paul is compromised by her inability to come to terms with unfulfilled childhood promises and personal struggles with her own inner demons. Inevitably, an out of control Nicole leaves Paul, the Jersey shore and her mother to follow her recently married sister across the Atlantic to the promise of a new life that she hopes is waiting on a distant shore.

his highly entertaining story features a unique perspective of the infamous Jersey shore at its peak summer best.  Boardwalks and beaches serve as the backdrop to this behind the scenes look at the Jersey club circuit in its heyday.  In the end, the underlying tragic tone of the secondary story line is replaced by a silver lining from the primary line when present day Paul is able through Zoe to come to terms with some words of wisdom from one of his original songs, that says “something’s in life just aren’t meant to be” but living a simple life can be the most fulfilling destiny!

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