(A Made for Cable Series based on the Motion Picture SUMMER NIGHTS)

A made for cable series based on a fictional current day rock band, whose skyrocketing success is directly attributable to a connection with another fictional rock band from the Jersey shore, whose fate was sealed by a tragic car accident back in 1984.   The Jersey shore and New York City serve as the backdrops to this behind the scenes roller coaster ride of emotions that takes an “Entourage” feel and accents it with a cutting edge twist of Rock’n’Roll that creates a refreshing breathe of real entertainment.

The storyline follows the story of Zoe, a twenty something performer, who is a very gifted guitarist and singer fronting an exploding Rock band that she pulls together after befriending Paul, a late forty something family man, who had a promising music career tragically slip through his hands more than 25 years ago.  After meeting Zoe, Paul opens his song book, picks up his guitar, makes a few calls and takes a few meetings to help Zoe’s band land the deal she has worked for her entire life.

This highly entertaining series follows the skyrocketing success of Zoe’s band called “Legendary-Unknowns”, a name she chose after coming to terms with a twist of fate from Paul’s past that relates to her true destiny.  A very unique behind the scenes perspective of the music industry crosses generation gaps and resurrects the lost heart and soul of Rock’n’Roll and the fine contrasting line that separates the excesses of success from the lessons of life’s failures.

Can Paul find redemption from lost dreams from his youth through Zoe and her band mate’s success, or will the price of their success jeopardize the salvation and solace Paul has already found from the simple, but fulfilling family life he adopted after leaving his musical dreams in his past?

Will Zoe and her band be able to keep it together as they are confronted by the demand and excesses that accompanies their skyrocketing success?

Only time and Rock’n’Roll’s lost soul knows what the future will hold for both of their fates…

This series is based on the original motion picture “SUMMER NIGHTS”.

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